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IGBT Technology Features
1. High quality substrate materials
     FZ, FZ-like, MCZ wafers
     Special edge profile for thin wafer
2. Silicon trench and Gate optimization
    Deep trench etch & rounding optimization
    Robust Gate oxide growth
    Poly trench filling
3. Thick metal process
    >3um metal deposition
    Metal patterning
4. Backside THIN wafer processing
    Wafer back grind down to 60um
    Stress relief after backgrinding
    Wafer handling & sorting
    High energy and high dose Ion Implantation
    Laser thermal activation of backside implants
    Robust multi-layer backside metallization

IGBT devices are optimized for reverse breakdown ranging from 350V up to 6500V, balanced for turn-on and turn-off behaviors for great overall system performance

Discrete devices and modules for:
    Automotive infotainment
    Smart automotive power IC
    Automotive MCU
    Long range communication systems
    Industrial drivers
    Power management
    TV and Display driver IC

Customized high performance Power devices
    We will focus on developing good quality MOSFET and IGBT devices, collaborating with customers and partners from design to simulation to production.

Product Mix Optimization

Valuable Satisfied Customers
Sustainable Profitability

Customer-oriented and Customer satisfaction:
        On-time Delivery
                    Excellent Cycle Times
                                Outstanding Customer Services

IGBT 600-1750V Applications
low to medium speed (Soft switching)
 Battery charger
 Energy storage
 Solar inverter
Medium speed (~10 to 40KHz)  
 Home appliances
 Motor control
 Solar inverter
High speed (up to 100KHz)
 Battery charger
 Energy storage

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