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SiEn QingDao Power Technologies & Services:

1. Discrete Power MOSFET
    Low voltages from 25V to 100V
    Medium voltages 100V to 300V
    High voltages from 500V to 1000V (Super Junction)
2. IGBT (Trench Field-stop)
    600V to 1200V
    3300V to 6500V
3. BCD (PMIC) and Analog

Technology Partnerships
Customized Device/Process Technologies

Power MOSFET Technologies:
1. Discrete MOSFET voltage classes
    N-ch up to 100V Power MOSFET
    N-ch up to 300V Power MOSFET
    N-ch from 450V to 900V Power MOSFET
    P-ch up to 300V Power MOSFET
2. Automotive Class AEC-Q101
3. Optimized FOM, Qrr, and low RDSon
    Up to 30V up to   5 mohm
    Up to 60V up to 10 mohm
    Up to 100V up to 15 mohm
    Up to 300V up to 40 mohm

4. Classification by complexity
    Discrete FETs up to 300V
    Very High Voltage Discrete FETs from 450V up to 1000V
    Smart MOSFETs (Common Drain)
    BCD Smart Power Management Integrated Circuits

5. Super Junction MOSFETs 500-900V Applications:
    Home entertainment (Audio, Game console, TV)
    Mobile phone chargers
    Notebook adapters
    PFC stages
    Power supplies for Lighting
    SMPS applications
    Solar applications

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