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SiEn Mask Shop Profile

In order to meet the engineering and manufacturing needs of CIDM and other chip manufacturers, we will provide the required photomask manufacturing and related services. We will introduce various advanced photomask manufacturing equipment to provide high-quality traditional binary masks, optical proximity correction (OPC) masks and phase shift masks (PSM) from 0.5μm to 28 nanometer technologies.

The SiEn Mask Shop has dozens of experts who have worked in the photomask industry for more than 15 years. They have rich practical experience in photomask building, management and technology development, we will introduce various advanced equipment in succession, such as:

    - Deep ultraviolet (DUV) laser and electron beam (E-Beam) photomask lithography systems,

    - Dry and wet photomask processing systems,

    - Optical and scanning electron microscope (SEM)

    - Photomask linewidth measurement system,

    - Photomask overlay/metrology measurement system,

    - Photomask defect inspection system,

    - Laser and Focused ion beam (FIB) photomask repair system and

    - Phase shift mask manufacturing and PSM inspection systems.

Our security management system will strictly control the customer’s tooling data in order to protect the customer’s intellectual property rights. We strive to continuously improve the yield and the quality of our photomasks as well as to enhance the manufacturing capabilities of photomasks, in order to shorten the delivery time of photomasks and to meet the most stringent photomask’s requirements for our CIDM as well as other customers and chipmakers.

We plan to provide the products and services as follows:

    - Binary mask (5009/6012/6025)

    - Optical proximity correction mask

    - Phase shift mask

    - Mask tooling and mask engineering consultations for mask lithography and OPC mask

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