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TCAD设备和工艺模拟处长/经理 TCAD DEVICE & PROCESS SIMULATION Director/Manager


  • 开发解决问题的策略并且建立未来可以解决这些问题的体系 
  • 指导初级同行的工作并与专业领域的高级内部和外部人员建立联系
  • 定期更新项目状况
  • 代表业务部门/公司范围项目的组织
Job Description

  • Develops strategy to resolve difficult problems and establishes systems to deal with these problems in the future. 
  • Guide junior peers with aspects of their job and can network with senior internal and external personnel in area of expertise. 
  • Provides regular update on project status. 
  • Represents the organization on business unit and/or company-wide projects.

  • 拥有物理器件、半导体进程,TCAD建模以及先进工艺集成和器件工程的半导体知识的优先
  • 5年以上的TCAD的工作经验
  • Linux的IT技巧以及脚本语言
  • 良好的表达以及沟通能力、条理清晰、良好的信息组织能力
  • 创造性的方式解决各种各样的问题。 解决各种范围的问题,并能够判断解决问题的方式方法
  • 担任项目领导者的角色并且独立工作制定解决方案的方法
Position Requirements

  • Semiconductor knowledge including device physics, semiconductor processing, TCAD modelling and Knowledge of advanced process integration and devices engineering will be a plus. 
  • 5+ years experience with Sentaurus TCAD.
  • IT skills in Linux and scripting languages.
  • Good presentation and communication skill in delivering insightful and well-organized information.
  • Resolve a wide-range of issues in creative ways.  Tackling with problems of diverse scope and make judgment in selecting methods and techniques to obtain solutions.
  • Performs in project leadership role and work independently and develop approaches to solutions.

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