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MES 开发人员MES Developer


  • 依据用户业务完成制造执行系统需求分析,保证需求的一致性和可行性。
  • 依据设计要求完成制造执行系统软件开发及相关测试,并编写相关设计或操作文档,以确保功能达成需求。
  • 提供制造执行系统相关技术支持和维护,确保制造执行系统稳定运行。
Job Description

  • Complete the demand analysis of the manufacturing execution system according to the user business to guarantee the consistency and feasibility of the demand.
  • Complete the development of the software and the corresponding testing of the manufacturing execution system  accordding to the design. And write the corresponding design or operational document to make sure that the function can meet the requirements.
  • Provide the corresponding technical supporting and maintenance of the  manufacturing execution system and make sure that the system can be performed stably 

  • 大学本科以上,计算机科学专业,5~10年行业经验
Position Requirements

  • Bachelor degree or above, major in computer science,5~10 years of industry experience

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