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MES 系统管理员MES system administrator


  • MES版本升级
  •  MES系统维护和用户支持 
  •  MES系统升级
  •  MES系统性能调优
  •  提供厂区7*24小时支持
  •  负责规划系统的功能测试,整合测试,压力测试
  •  根据案例完成测试
  •  编译,控管系统上版流程
  •  提供厂区7*24小时支持
  • 编写相关设计或操作文档,以确保功能达成需求
  • 提供制造执行系统相关技术支持和维护,确保系统稳定运行
Job Description
  • The upgrade of the MES version
  • The system maintenance and user supporting of the MES system
  • The upgrade of the MES system
  • The optimization of the MES system
  • Provide  facility with 7*24 hours supporting.
  • Be responsible for planning system functional testing, integration testing, stress testin
  • Complete the testing according to the examples
  • Compile, control system version process
  • Provide  facility with 7*24 hours supporting.
  • Write the corresponding design or operational document to make sure that the function can meet the requirements.
  • Provide the corresponding technical supporting and maintenance of the  manufacturing execution system and make sure that the system can be performed stably 
  • 大学本科以上,计算机科学专业,5~10年行业经验

Position Requirements

  • Bachelor degree or above, major in computer science,5~10 years of industry experience

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