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ERP 开发人员/管理人员ERP developer/administrator


  • 收集业务部门对软件功能的详细要求,然后以文档的形式存档,这是后续功能设计及功能测试的的依据。
  • 根据业务需求规格编写测试用例;整理好功能要求后,要设计测试办法,以便在开发完成后,能够验证是否实现了功能要求。
  • 根据业务需求调研、编写需求文档,进行功能设计、编写设计文档;
  • 参与系统开发与整体、单元测试工作;
  • 参与系统上线的部署与维护工作;
  • 解决ERP系统运行过程中的问题
Job Description

  • Collect the detailed requirements about the software functions from the business  department and place on file in the form of the file. It is the base of the function design and testing follow-up.
  • Write the testing examples according to the requirements of the business; manage the requirements of the function and design the testing methond to certificate if it has realised the functional requirements after the development.
  • Write requirements file, design the function and write the design file according to the business.
  •  Participate in system development and unit testing
  • Participate in the deployment and maintenance of the system onlineSolve problems in the operation of ERP system

  • 大学以上,计算机科学,5~10年行业经验
Position Requirements

  • Bachelor degree or above, computer science, 5~10 years of industry experience

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