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  • 企业应用程序开发,包括
  • 需求分析
  • 系统设计
  • 编程、单元测试
  • 系统测试
  • 文档
  • 应用程序部署和支持
  • 带领团队开发企业应用程序
  • SWE练习,开发项目文物和进行SWE审查
  • 及时执行项目任务和工作质量
  • 获取业务流程和业务应用程序的深入知识

Job Description

  • Enterprise application development, including
  •  Requirement analysis
  • System design
  • Coding, unit test
  •  System test
  •  Documentation
  •  Application deployment and support
  • Lead team to develop Enterprise application
  • SWE practice, develop project artifacts and conduct SWE reviews
  •  Timely execution of project tasks and quality of work
  •  Acquire in-depth knowledge of business process and business application

  • 应具备良好的核心竞争力,包括客户服务导向,沟通技巧,团队合作
  • 拥有5年以上的信息技术学士学位或以上IT相关领域和半导体行业的软件开发经验
  • ava和SQL编程技巧; Web UI,面向对象和数据库设计; 软件工程实践; 软件配置和变更管理; Windows 2012,SQL Server,Oracle
Position Requirements

  • Should have good core competencies on  Customer Service Oriented, Communication skills, Teamwork spirit, Proactive, Pursue Excellence, innovation & Continuous Improvement, Planning and Execution, Analytical Thinking & Problem Solving.
  • BS degree or above with 5 years+ software development experience in IT related fields and semiconductor industry
  • Java and SQL programming skill; Web UI, object oriented and database design; Software engineering practice; Software configuration and change management; Windows 2012, SQL Server, Oracle

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