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健康管理课专员(护士) Heath Magt. commissioner


  • 为给员工提供基础的医疗服务、健康咨询、体检结果录入、统计报告的整理制作;
  • 协助医生进行紧急事故的急救及处理;
  • 协助医生进行健康宣导及培训;
  • 建立员工健康档案;
  • 独立处理一般伤害病例并追踪结果,在医生指导下处理特殊病人;
  • 规划和执行全公司急救服务;
  • 医疗废弃物管理;
  • 配合紧急应变工作,担任急救小组角色。
Job Description

  • To provide employees with basic medical services, health counseling, physical examination results input, statistical report collation.
  • Assisting doctors in emergency and treatment of emergencies.
  • Assisting doctors in health propaganda and training.
  • Establishing employee health records.
  • Independently deal with general injury cases and track the results, and deal with special patients under the guidance of doctors
  • Plan and implement the first aid service of company.
  • Medical waste management.
  • Work with the emergency response, served as first aid team roles.

  • 大学专科以上学历,护理专业;
  • 持有护士执业资格证书;
  • 两年以上企业医务室或二级医院内外科临床工作经验;
  • 良好的组织沟通和协调能力,以及团队合作能力;
  • 具备急救技能及专业知识,一般疾病或伤害处理;
  • 熟练使用办公软件;
  • 胜任轮班和夜班工作;
  • 有一定的英语读写能力。
Position Requirements

  • College degree or above, major in nursing;
  • Holding qualification certificate of the nurse;
  • More than two years experience in internal medicine and surgery work in infirmary or two level hospital;
  • Good organizational communication and coordination skills, and teamwork spirit.
  • First aid skills and professional knowledge, general disease or injury management;
  • Proficient in office software;

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