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俄语翻译/口译Russian Translator/Interpreter


  •  俄语相关项目的资料翻译与口译工作;
  • 参与俄语相关项目的商务谈判与业务拓展。
Job Description

  • Translate documents written in Russian and can interpret alive;
  • Provide oral interpreter/translation service in the conference of business negotiation and expansion;


  • 大学本科或以上学历,专业不限,俄语专业最佳;
  • 熟练的俄语交流能力;
  • 良好的文字功底,具备活动方案的撰写及预算编制能力;
  • 优秀的人际沟通和语言表达能力、应变能力,及优秀的客户维护能力; 
  • 有强烈的工作责任心和团队合作精神,能承担较大的工作压力; 
  • 为人诚信、工作细致,责任心强,翻译基本功扎实,能胜任相关专业笔译和口译工作;
  • 具备良好的组织协调沟通能力,具有良好团队合作精神和职业操守;
  • 熟练操作各种办公软件,如Word, Excel, PowerPoint等。
Position Requirements

  •  Bachelor Degree or above, any major is allowed but Russian is preferred; 
  •  Fluent communication skills in Russian;
  •  Awesome writing skills and be able to write the project/budget proposal in Russian;
  •  Excellent in communication , verbal expression, quick reaction and VIP customer maintenance;
  •  Strong sense of responsibility and teamwork ; be able to work under high pressure;
  • Be honest, detail-oriented and responsible; be able to communicate effectively both verbal and written in Russian and Mandarin;
  •  Be a good coordinator and teamwork lover with high professional morality;
  • Be adept in office software such as Word, Excel and PowerPoint etc.

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