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物控部门主管Material Control Director


  • 在合理的成本下,准确准时制定合理的物料计划编制及实施;
  • 负责按主生产计划分解物料,核算物料需求计划; 
  • 物料进度的跟催,物料有关异常情况的协调;
  • 负责跟踪生产物料到货情况,有效进行材料跟进,并及时处理和上报
  • 负责原材料库存控制与分析,针对销售订单或生产进行物料使用状况统计,为成本控制提供依据。
  • 负责库存呆滞材料的统计分析与上报,并提出处理建议;
  • 采购、仓库、收料等部门问的协调;
  • 跟进不合格物料的退货与补货;
  • 负责每月供应商对账工作;
  • 协助部门主管及经理处理部门其他管理事宜。
Job Description

  • Make the material planning and implementation accurately and timely  under reasonable cost
  •  Responsible for decomposing materials according to the main production plan and accounting for material demand plans;
  •  The follow-up of the progress of the materials, the coordination of the abnormal conditions of the materials;
  •  Responsible for tracking the arrival of production materials, effectively carrying out material follow-up, and timely processing and reporting
  •  Responsible for raw material inventory control and analysis, and statistics on material usage status for sales orders or production, providing a basis for cost control.
  •  Responsible for statistical analysis and reporting of inventory sluggish materials, and propose treatment suggestions
  • Coordination of procurement, warehouse, receipt and other departments
  •  Follow up the return and replenishment of unqualified materials
  •  Responsible for monthly supplier reconciliation work
  •  Assist department heads and managers in handling other management matters of the department.

  • 财务、物控管理、工科类、管理类相关专业;
  • 2年以上,有集成电路或半导体工厂物控管理岗位经验者优先考虑;
  • 能熟使用Office办公软件,熟悉ERP系统及采购流程优先。
Position Requirements

  •  Finance, material control management, engineering, and management related majors
  •  2 years or more, experience in physical control management of integrated circuits or semiconductor factories is preferred
  •  Can use Office Office software, familiar with ERP system and procurement process is preferred

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