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招聘专员Recruiting Specialist


  • 根据公司营运目标,完成年度人力预算的编制及人力的控制;
  • 按照部门的招聘需求,及时发布招聘信息,筛选合适简历;
  • 按照招聘流程,联系应聘人员,完成人员面试、薪资核定、聘用意向书的发放;
  • 负责招聘渠道的拓展;
  • 负责校园招聘方案的规划及实施;
  • 招聘相关规定的拟制与修改;
  • 相关人事报告及报表的提供。
Job Description

  • To complete the establishment of the annual manpower plan and the control of the manpower according to the operational objectives of the company.
  • Release the recruitment information timely and select the suitable resumes according to the recruitment needs of the department.
  • Contact the candidates to complete the interview, salary approval and the issuance of the letter of intent according to the process of the recruitment.
  • Be responsible for the expansion of recruitment channels.
  • Be responsible for the planning and implementation of the campus recruitment plan.
  • Be responsible for the making and correcting of the relevant regulations for recruitment
  • To provide the relevant personnel report and report forms.

  • 本科及以上学历。
  • 两年以上人力资源相关工作经历,熟练的英文口语表达能力者优先。
  • 较好的沟通、协调及组织能力。
  • 能熟练操作办公软件。
  • 熟悉国家及地方人事相关法律法规。
Position Requirements

  • Bachelor degree or above.
  • More than two years work experience related to human resources, skilled English speaking ability is preferred.
  • Great communication, coordination and organizational skills.
  • Can be proficiency in office software.
  • Be familiar with national and local personnel laws and regulations.

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